Affordable Streaming Safety Training Videos

Sstreaming-own-videos1treaming means you can view the video on computers, television sets, IPhone, IPad and other high speed internet connected devices, 24/7.  Written materials for each topic available for FREE downloading.  Free materials include power points, tips sheets for each video topic and comprehensive manuals for specific topics.

  • Perfect for training multiple shifts or locations.
  • Train a wide number of employees in diverse specific hazards, job descriptions.
  • Eliminate shipping and handling costs.
  • Much less expensive than DVD’s and rentals.
  • Each individual receives the same, standardized training.

Basically, we have several Libraries or Categories from which to choose.

Public Works-Water/Wastewater

General Industry/Manufacturing


Included in the General Industry and Construction are videos in Spanish.

In all Libraries/Categories are videos designed specifically for SUPERVISORS, as all Supervisors need safety training.  Unless Supervisors are trained, how can they expect to have the knowledge to properly supervise employees?

Determine the Library you want to purchase and the number of views you want to use.  Certainly, you can begin with the minimum and if needed, purchase more views as your training requires.

We provide a report each month on who was trained in what video.  Once a library and views are selected, employees may log in and begin training, at your direction.


Everyone should use their First and Last name as their user name.  This allows us to report who viewed what program.  There will be one (1) password for everyone to use, when logging in.  This eliminates a password for each individual.

We have a technical support email and a customer service email service in the event you need additional assistance.  Company representatives should be the only persons using these services.

As we produce new videos for your specific library, you’ll be notified and there is no extra charge for new productions.

If you want a link to your website, just provide the information and we’ll put a link on your site that goes directly to the library you purchased.

There is no other way to provide high quality video training at lower costs than streaming.  We have the lowest prices in the business, which allows companies to save on training costs and to make them affordable to those organizations who cannot afford other producers’ prices.  Small businesses can now afford to train all their employees.